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The Simon Laven Page
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Who is Simon Laven?
What is a Chatterbot?
A Chatterbot is a program that attempts to simulate typed conversation, with the aim of at least temporarily fooling a human into thinking they were talking to another person.
Hello and Welcome to The Simon Laven Page. Launched in the May of 1996 as a tiny site devoted to 4 chatterbots it grew as people such as yourself started flocking to the only comprehensive chatterbot website on the Internet.

I am your host, Simon Laven, and on this site you will find dozens of Chatterbots in the nine categories. They can be accessed over the web, downloaded to your PC, or accessed via Java. In addition, there are two Java chatrooms (one with and one without Chatterbots), message boards, Chatterbot Papers and the latest Chatterbot news.

If you want to read up on the subject or get hold of movies from 2001 to Short Circuit, The Simon Laven Page also allows you to purchase Books, Videos, DVD's and Toys related to Artificial Intelligence.

So click on the links on the left to begin exploring the strange world of Chatterbots, and if you have any comments or questions then please e-mail me at simon@simonlaven.com. I hope you enjoy your visit.

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