Tensile (formerly NSL)

is a programming language intended primarily for processing text documents in various input formats and in various languages. ...

The author and maintainer of this project is Artem V. Andreev.
Mail me to artem@AA5779.spb.edu


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Artem V. Andreev (the Institute of Linguistic Studies, Saint-Petersburg)
artem@AA5779.spb.edu, artem@iling.nw.ru

Matt Boeh


Title: tensile
Version: 0.9
Entered-date: 2003-01-05
Description: Tensile -- an extensible programming language.
Its main distinct feature is the notion of push-down
transducers which allow for complex transformations of
strings. It has inherent support for SGML, CGI, SQL and
many more. But it is really lightweight at the same time.
Keywords: scripting, finite-state automata, SGML, CGI
Author: artem@iling.nw.ru (Artem V. Andreev)
Maintained-by: artem@iling.nw.ru (Artem V. Andreev)
Primary-site: http://iling.nw.ru/~artem/downloads
Alternate-site: http://freesoftware.fsf.org/download/nsl
Platforms: needs libutils package, Berkley DB
Copying-policy: GPL 2.0