I AM Universe
We are the Universe Unfolding
Universal Resonance

We are One with the Universal Creative Energy evolving

in all things visible and invisible. Through our choices
We effect the dynamic interplay of divine, human,
natural, subatomic, and cosmic creative energy.
We joyfully unite with the loving intention
inherent in all things in the supreme
act of consciously co-creating
a New World.

Ani Ahavah
Evolutionary Artist and Troubadour
Minister of Conscious Evolution and
a Founding Gateway Guide
with the Foundation for Conscious Evolution
Santa Barbara California


Ani is Evolutionary Guide, guiding Us through the Gateway to Conscious Evolution, an online developmental path that leads us to the quantum field of all possibilities at this time of great chaos and opportunity, developed by Barbara Marx Hubbard and the Foundation for Conscious Evolution, Santa Barbara CA.

Ani is an Evolutionary Artist depicting, through talks, digital art, poetry and music, the New World view of Conscious Evolution.

Ani is an Evolutionary Storyteller, giving definition, direction, and meaning to the Life Force that's emerging in every living Being in a world in The Crisis of Awakening as Sacred Universal Humans.


Conscious Evolution is a comprehensive evolutionary framework
in which to deeply understand and intelligently respond
to the current personal, social, and global dynamics
of our shared life on planet Earth.

Conscious Evolution is a harmonizing thought system
in which Spirit and Science bring together the
God of Creation and the Goddess of Evolution
in an inclusive and unfolding framework
which supports our ecological identity
and emerging divinity in the
interconnected living

Web of Life.

We are becoming a Living Organism in heart resonance with all
of creation through conscious connection and loving intention.
We are a Living Matrix of people who live by the Platinum Rule:
"Do unto others as if they were your Self" . . . because they are.

We Are One!

Everything was One before we blew apart.
We were One soul, body, mind, and heart.
All of us were red, yellow, white, and black.
None of us were separated and there was no lack.
But it wasn't good enough 'cause there was no ex-change,
So God had a better plan and thought She'd rearrange,
So now We all are parts of the Self-Same-Whole,
So now, only together, can the mind of God We know!

There's nothing that we need that together We don't have,
No problem that together We can't solve . . . if we're
not deluded to think the parts that We've excluded
don't need to be included in the whole!

Scarcity is just an illusion.
We've simply not programmed inclusion
of the pieces that are missing.
They're in people we're resisting,
who, we continue insisting, don't belong.


if we want to live no more in need,
We must commit to seed the thought that
"We are One!"

Lighten up! Start having fun, 'cause the truth is,

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