Java artificial intelligence librairies

AI Planners

JShop/JShop2 (Artificial intelligence planner)

PL-PLAN (Artificial intelligence planner)

Bayesian Networks

JavaBayes (Bayesian networks)

Description Logics, Ontology Reasoning

Pellet - (A reasoner for description logics)

Jena - (Hewlet Packard's framework for building semantic web applications. Provides support for RDF and OWL. Includes a rule-base inference engine)

Genetic Algorithms

JGAP (A popular genetic algorithms package for Java)

JAGA (Genetic algorithms framework)

Knowledge Reprensentation

OpenCyc - (Large and complete general knowledge base and commonsense reasoning engine)

Graph Theory and Algorithms

JGraphT (Graph-theory objects and algorithms)

Natural language processing

JWordNet(Interface to the WordNet database of lexical relationships)

Neural Networks

JOONE (Object-oriented neural networks engine)

Expert Systems shell

Jess (A popular rule engine)

Other Useful Librairies

Audio Processing

FreeTTS(Speech synthesizer)

JMusic (Music composition)

JFugue(Music programming)

Graphics Tools

JasperReports (Java reporting tool)

JFreeChart (Charts framework)

JGraph (Java graph layout engine)

Picololo (2D graphics framework)

SwiXml(Generating SWING interface from XML documents)

Scientific Calculations

JScience (Scientific calculations and vizualisations)

Software Engeneering / Multi-Agent Frameworks

JADE (Multi-agent framework)

Madkit (Multi-agent framework)

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